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Tainted Quotes

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680Yaywalker[Raid] [Janitchar]: wow this is here like in a destiny raid awalys wipes and people dont know what to do
679Condrakon[Global] [Abmurggslor]: c'mon noobs, get your shiny gems [Global] [Abmurggslor]: trashgroup is full
678Bard[23:05] [Raid] [Juangel]: BS is a very bad secondary healer, has a little protection for the group, not good for raids or as primary healer
677Thesage[Raid] [Banggy]: where to use throat slash? [Raid] [Eidrie]: normal at the throat area
676Condrakon[Raid] [Yoinkyoink]: problem is i get this acid in the throat [Raid] [Yoinkyoink]: some shit from stomach gets to throat if i only eat coffe and cookies [Raid] [Takenuchi]: drink a plant infusion to lower you stomach acidity [Raid] [Julmust]: or bleach
675Pomiush[Global] [Fereydoon]: I have also seen stoned Trolls with my own eyes! [Global] [Akrusa]: Too bad you haven't seen trolls stoned.
674Alanadrah[Global] [Nerieillya]: Unlike you guys telling other to do what you want , i am free woman ,and m aswell [Global] [Rooseh]: I like free women, most are so expensive
673Ignorantos[Global] [Myanina]: did rf got gold in all 3 chests ffs [Global] [Sonicpom]: it depends how many times u wipe rf [Global] [Sonicpom]: u no fallow strats u wippe boxes drop silver
672Urundor"my old guild many friends here maybe inv me back i need new home and new friends leaveing my old guild ? me drunk ( all most all night ) and left guild why left i dont no "
671Irritanto[Global] [Misscarina]: so many cheaters in this game some tosser running on top of his horse
670Burritwo[Raid] [Layale]: we have a lot of pvp 10 from top guilds [Raid] [Layale]: surely this is one of the best groups we can get
669Theminstrel[Raid] [Diffogena]: distant DPS on neesa and slow DPS, melee on Heng,
668Malystrie[Global] [Evochildis]: Not often you see a ToS top the heal parse, but they're the only priest you;ll ever see in thr top 3 of ther DPS parse.
667Mailyn[08:59] [Xerzex]: But my dead is coming in around 15 mins... :)
666Olaffette[21:11] [Guilde] [Bottsi]: Thank you, your quote has been added as id #665 [21:12] [Guilde] [Krushty]: next one has to be reeeaaally evil ;)
665Krushty[NPH] [Drjdemon]: i think everyone playing this game is a little unbalanced so dont feel bad
664Krushty[Global] [Matchis]: I get my love and hugs through words
663Shuutju[Global] [Markh]: Cappa killed by minion
662Irritanto[Global] [Anuptah]: Geeze how do I et past this chick in chains? - Name: Anuptah Level: 2
661Krushty[Guild] [Bearnator]: Ignoshop lags too due to high demand ^^ [Guild] [Irritanto]: yes, shouldn't have used DomainHippo for that :(
660Urundor[Global] [Firemaster]: best class in game but many players not know how use necro
659Krushty[Raid] [Irritanto]: America first, Health second, boss third, Sweden last
658Achwellan[Global] [Lugaddonna]: many say combat rating over rated, is that true?
657Malystrie[Global] [Zackwell]: hope you tainted shitheads wipe all night
656Malystrie[Raid] [Furynguard]: healers need to stop those dps hybrid specs and go back to healing
655Urundor[Global] [Nuclearr]: i dont gay if i fuck you
654Thesage[Guild] [Kadiel]: are you sure you wanna join maark's clownfiesta?
653Burritwo[Global] [Marikanito]: you can keyboard turn and complete all pve content' [Global] [Marikanito]: this game isnt even remote difficult if you just pve
651Olaffette[Global] [Vibur]: Villager: I'm tired of the movement accepting any random passerby that says they want to take down the emperor. Most of these new idiots can't even handle a broken oar, I'd wager! [Global] [Vibur]: sounds like RF!!
650Khalisi[Global] [Cinikuai]: steroidmolch is always first to die in raid finders, dont pay for his specs, they dont even work for him
648Hoxolaff[Global] [Kwalya]: keyboard turning only works if it's a wireless keyboard...otherwise the cords get all twisted
647DeathstroyerObviously you have NOT been taught NOT to Charge in T3, it has a chance of spawning Thoth, don't be a fucking idiot! Words of wisdom by Pomni from Dawnsong
646Sekmheth[Global] [Ghonder]: I am so bored, waiting for the World Boss to appear/That I am in the wrong instance is my greatest fear/As long as he is far and my horse is near/We'll ride to the next tavern and get a beer!!!
645Happyshamie[Global] [Hoxerator]: u.s invaded iraq to claim stargates
644Achwellan[Raid] [Smagi]: 1) Smagi - 559,814 HPS: 1590.38 (41.97%) [Raid] [Smagi]: grrrr pom down [Raid] [Smagi]: conq rez if possible [Raid] [Achwellan]: heal aggro? [Raid] [Smagi]: yes [Raid] [Smagi]: well 41% og healing was me so
643Cappaisabot[15:41] [Group] [Maarcelle]: We need your heart only :D
642Xerzex[Global] [Tidpopatron]: is bundrov still around [Global] [Urundor]: yeah, he's on his alt, xerzex
641Savukataja[Raid] [Agagitos]: just move a bit....there is no need to clear pool all the time.. [Raid] [Robdobconq]: it helps tanks clear stacks
640Sekmheth[Guild] [Haikano]: I pro now... I sign up for real T6 tomorrow.
639Callixtus[Raid] [Ertesuppe]: what was the name of the tainted weapons and finely honed spells? [Raid] [Aksush]: that is the name
638Achwellan[Raid] [Trupowaty]: rogue and pommmm [Raid] [Trupowaty]: withful eye of youn remowe tantied soulssssssss
637Ptakhassina[Global (English)] [Zoltanicus]: best friendly spells for conqs?
636Malystrie[Group] [Lissania]: i find rewal but i dont use it [Group] [Lissania]: spirit seems to be better
635Ignorantus[Raid] [Mulann]: if you intend to survive you must not die!
634Shax[19:02] [Global] [Tirammolla]: flame vortex need 2 heal [19:02] [Global] [Flamevortex]: sry Tirammolla did you call me?
633Mirloth[Group] [Sovern]: yep how do i get out of here / Name: Sovern Level: 80 Class: Bear Shaman Race: Khitan Region: The Crevice of Malice
632Laelea [19:01] [Global] [Andeecoffee]: Like a roach motel for RE-tards
631Qashu[19:16] [Global] [Druidace]: pom looking for invites
628Kashuka[11:55] Encounter was not active for a sufficient amount of time. No Rallying Call buff awarded.
627Iarsen[Global] [Aguss]: guards are pretty much used for kiting now days
626Callixtus[08:17] [Guild] [Qashu]: gm tainted folks [08:17] [Guild] [Qashu]: awwww, ffs it`s monday... off to work bb
625Sequana[Global] [Sotish]: Potion in serwer is my Famyly or No and Price ???
624IgnorantusFirst rule of begging... be polite: [Andersnordic]: thrydon spare some coin for poor andi? [Andersnordic]: actually [Andersnordic]: you look like a fucking peasant [Andersnordic]: i cant take gold from you
623Titepopom[Group] [Mikkayla]: wow Trudy is awesome
622Achwellan[Global] [Tambert]: i always found it racist that Obama has bullet proof glass in front of him during speaches. just cos hes black dont mean he gonna shoot anyone!!
621Achwellan[Global] [Ymiraku]: i got really pissed off because i was duelling this guy and was lagging like crazy and i was drunk also and deleted my barb and bear shaman
620Ignorantus[Global] [Urnield]: Dawnsong are recruiting poms for t4/t5 raiding dungeons and raping
619Ignorantus[Global] [Aierohn]: wow these vigdis rings... [Global] [Aierohn]: WOW wtf no dps ring for soldiers?!??!!? [Global] [Aierohn]: thats complete shit [Global] [Aierohn]: we got robbed
617Happyshamie[Raid] [Lotsoflubes]: sorry but all the necro and demos need staff here :-( [Raid] [Lotsoflubes]: demo out, and gl all
616Rinloth[Global] [Spaardacus]: [Arrowtip]: i live in the rechest contry in the word asshole, i make more money then u can ever dream of so dont talk about 3 word i pice of shit... wtf have usa given the word except krime, war and and a shitty attitude
614Reecoil[23:30] [Global] [Druidace]: im in elrik raibd now
613Barbacappa[Johara]: it is official, moon child is the best pokemon!
612Cappa[Xetna]: guys lets do some instances! [Xetna]: slacking is a crime
611Ptakhassina[Global] [Druidace]: i need a gm at an ming monk pleasesend a tell
610Ignorantus[Global] [Ojoxojo]: CRADLE OF DELAY 2/6
609Malystrie[Global] [Nuclearr]: i hope soon be war against poland [Global] [Nuclearr]: and i brake ur head
608Senakisu [Global] [Whyamihere]: t4 sheng need 2 door tanks 1 kiter tank
607Ignorantus[Global] [Nnaomi]: why is pvp not enabled on this server? [Global] [Nnaomi]: pvp is like 60% of the game, why have it turned off?
606Chamacappa[Guild] [Chamacappa]: !magic8ball should i get more food [Guild] [Bottsi]: The magic 8-ball says: You may rely on it. [Guild] [Chamacappa]: !magic8ball do you want me get fat ?!? [Guild] [Bottsi]: The magic 8-ball says: Without a doubt.
604Ignorantico[Raid] [Sinqqerbell]: oh noes! 1000 dps!
603SemitrailerLearn math from the masters in global: [Global] [Twitters]: 330million people in america.. power ball could put 4.3 million to each person in american and we all would been millionairs.. whats that tell you
602Hushiguy leading Vistrix raid - [Raid] [Camerontp]: someone used something cause everyone infront of them got stunned i think
601Semitrailer[Global] [Warcrypt]: actually combat in eso is damn good
600Ignorantus[Global] [Xsenos]: 1 q 4 all in global why coqs need on barb 2 h in t4 on rntt it same if some barb need on 2hwhit heat i. he casne us it
599Kaamal[18:45] [Guild] [Pomolaff]: t4 bow is better than t5 [18:46] [Guild] [Barbacappa]: yeah ! [18:46] [Guild] [Mystralia]: barbaparrot!
598Irritanto[Global] [Shurricane]: this game is just like swtor, hair of health remaining all fights just to make you click ONE MORE TIME
597Irritanto[Global] [Jabalismo]: T4 IMPEL 1 tank 1 dps exp/aa ts needed
596Ignorantico[Global] [Antyxill]: what potent relics are for?
595Lyeh[Global] [Flazhok]: 2 days and no stuff from WB. Funcom, your greed makes regret of choicing the game
594Irritanto[Guild] [Redartin]: that kid thing will finish the university before Aecho does Shink
593SavukatajaTo [Deadevil]: why would you use pets on wb? despoil the soul rocks on them with fucked up prot mitigations :P [Deadevil]: eeerrrrr dumb ass i'm necro and not a afk 80 maybe like you XD
592Irritanto[Global] [Mradhon]: okay.. if it is ffa.. then the problem is vice versa.. anybody rolls.. so you have a 1in24.. or 1in12 chance or at best a 1in6 chance that you will succeed.. you will invested time.... will see the cherry snap away right under your nose...
591Ignorantino[Global] [Bestion]: LFM Wing 3 12/24 hox/barb/sin/demo full - Need prot tanks for imp
590Ignorantus[Global] [Emsor]: rinloth the murican burgerro
589Irritanto[Global] [Nickoss]: is no the solution the merge with fury the solution is if they change the pvp syste remove healers and make one equip for all in minis
588Semitrailer[Global] [Groovi]: wtf?i click iota and im in balder wtf is this?
587Mirloth[Global] [Acherona]: it is an honor to meet one from COE
586Shaxkhan[18:48] [Frigidstorm|Game Master]: Do you remember what you chose for your destiny quest rewards?
585Irritanto[Global] [Sesymbol]: mc+entity need: 1 conq (saddur down) (exp ,ts, cloths and raged toon is a must)
584Nexoxcho[01:47] [Group] [Shimi]: cappy is angry and ate himself
583Krovac[Global] [Thoantony]: {The Iron Banner} RP is here and we're uniting against the rising darkness (USA based) if interested send tell or visit our webpage @http://theironbanner.shivtr.com/ --- [Global] [Axerex]: If you guys ERP a better guild name woulda been The Iron Boner
582Chamacappa[02:15] [Group] [Krovac]: cappa is wise
581Ignorantus[Global] [Redeemerr]: Terrorbikkja's Mitra's Searing Eye crits you for 2726 holy damage. WITH DULL PAIN ON
580Barbacappa[18:14] [Guild] [Panqa]: gonna do turan later in normal raid time [18:14] [Guild] [Panqa]: food first :) see you
579Hushi[Global] [Blodyrose]: where wb country please????
578Scaraa[Nightjumper]: what is rise of the godslayer good for [Global] [Thuoris]: If you want to run a Khitian or adventure in Khitia or be a ranger
577Senakisu[Global] [Mamatrieu]: how much lvl 40 to 60? [Global] [Shasta]: 20 levels
576ShaxtinaSome people... [14:45] [Global] [Shaxtina]: Thor Oasis confirmed. Boss 100% [14:45] [Lukarb]: inst ?
575Shax[Global] [Zynz]: where is thor? [Global] [Supperlotte]: Walhalla
574Ignorantus[Global] [Niixx]: you would think after 2 years of stupid WB funcom would just put on in every zone and you just had to click on it and get full t4
573Shaxtina[Guild] [Nemrod]: I dont get it, i have +30 hate decrease rating on my pvp gear, and ppl keep attacking me, wtf?
572Ignorantio[Global] [Avrasa]: When do bear shamans get their bear?
571Cptsmoke[10:34] [Global] [Jadyi]: I just realised I think i have a vagina [10:34] [Global] [Cptsmoke]: gratz was it the monthly bleeding that gave it away or just the lack of a penis? [10:35] [Global] [Ganjarian]: mangina,if you identify as a cisgendered male
570Irritanto[Global] [Ihateallhere]: Remeber applicants that you need to be an elitist asshole if you apply for a "good" guild like Rogue Angels, Tainted Souls and Ronin etc. To fit in I mean.
569Malystrie[Group] [Sayonna]: i was root just now becose was block taste
568Rinloth[Group] [Bambooka]: is tainted souls new guild?
567Achwellan[Global] [Combat]: how do I import a bunch of numbers and letters into my feat planner?
566Ignorantus[Raid] [Crugaru]: Disbanding raid untill u fucks learn how to play, sorry to WASTE PEOPLE WHO ARNT NOOBS TIME
564Irritanto[Global] [Sonicpom]: ero = Conq jeez cmon is just lame. Conq sound 1000 times better.
563Savukataja[Global] [Combat]: Looking for Super-Guard or Conq for Aggro-Contest Onyx Chambers..10 gold to anyone who can pull off me.
562Hushi[Global] [Bijouxx]: what you call pvp qq is real serious disccusion about tactics and strategy
561Hornanhenki[Global] [Aminaa]: I have the feeling AOC has a quite healthy population
560Melandor[Raid] [Anyibear]: i g2g im getting the worst kind of aggro [Raid] [Anyibear]: -mom aggro
559Senakisu[Global] [Fassterr]: Yag(Port) Need 1 mt (No ranger)(Exp,Gear,AA) 5/6 (Have Spawn)
558Malystrie[Global] [Raeleigh]: if he dumb need teach him learn no can exclude him because hes dumb because lots player dumb if we not teach PRO they go back game WoW
557Sayum[Global] [Romic]: house of crom thersdol of divity need 2heals
556Urundor[Reapsoul]: oh yeah, I used to use comber in pve, tis a bad idea, huh?
555Ignorantiko[Global] [Anelehtos]: tomb toirdilbah ?is this near to ijhiuhihihiuh iopkpokpokpok
554Ignorantus[Global] [Strayriot]: just to check general know how, guard is best sword and board right? I mean going all out in dps - polearm is just a waste, agreed?/
553Hushi[Iyon]: I am inside Evito nao *WINNING*
552Sequana[Guild] [Hedgehoggold]: damn I don t fiind the place to put it - lol
551Hersch[Global] [Bierpriest]: For "awackening of avo" ... I am Bierpreist (i no speak about les "Naufarg?s d"hyboria") Accept in your guild Evabrown (Full t5 DT) I am happy for you!! But Do you have a "brain" ?? Who is Evabrown ??? The "hitler's wife"... You accept that because he has T5 stuff.... GG "Awakening of evo"... GG .... You prefer stuff/name... Before History... You think by yoursel
550Ignorantus[20:31] [Global] [Ellse]: Atzel Forest 2Tank 1Hieler 1sps
549Malystrie[Global] [Lunaward]: Wilds? Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you'd had enough oxygen at birth?
548Ignoranto[Global] [Satetka]: our RP kicked the shit out of blacksteel and tainted souls [Global] [Satetka]: just sayin
547Sequana[Global] [Wasichu]: and im merican...so we pretty much do the opposite of what euro trash does just to be spiteful....and we win doing it. so go eat a dick.
546Ignorantus[Global] [Dethstrykke]: 99% people who are decent at this game are either fat ugly jobless low life's or skinny pencil neck nerds
545Malystrie[Global] [Satetka]: no one from eos would send a hate tell [Global] [Satetka]: if you tell me their name they will be disciplined for that shit [Global] [Satetka]: unless its an rp hate tell
544Rinloth[Group] [Duskhunter]: POM please change spec for healbor spec
543Hornanhenki[Global] [Goldnerstern]: Did anybody know which instance the WB will sporn next?
542DetsukiRIP [Guild] [Bottsi]: Alex Logged On (Babulas Lvl 80 Ranger)
541Redemo[Group] [Combat]: DT need to use MANA drain..if you have. [Group] [Combat]: on candles
540Ignorantio[Raid] [Senakisu]: right-><-left
539Sinqq[00:43] [Guild] [Aecho]: i did yeah! barrelt passed the bar on written part (1/2 point over it XD) but then after oral the guy actually gave me a B!
538Reecoil[Guild] [Turllogh]: u kidding? u crapped my pants and run away
537Krovac[03:57] [Global] [Exodromos]: Has anyone found the last Leap of Faith achievement (Touch the Heavens) yet? [03:58] [Global] [Moriala]: Ask Redartin
536Redartin[Group] [Redartin]: hey Combat [Group] [Redartin]: <3 [Group] [Combat]: Hello, what is this for? [Group] [Combat]: this is kinda gay :{ [Group] [Combat]: lol Combat left the group.
535Urundor[Raid] [Redartin]: [[Raid] [Evitq]: [Raid] [Redartin]: [Raid] [Urundor]: [Raid] [Urundor]: [Raid] [Evitq]: [Raid] [Joxli]: we are going for yakhmar next]
534Missy[NPH] [Xariandia]: after done healing you get alot od health
533Yoelrey[Guild] [Kish]: if I ever catch a FC dev responsible for the dc and authentication error the baby seals will pity him
532Ignorantio[Global] [Nomazi]: chass once was bragging the he was studying math in college, yet was using guild bot for adding numbers for his AAs
531Detsuki[NPH] [Oneshotwanda]: how long does night time last? / Name: Oneshotwanda Level: 7 Class: Ranger Region: City of Tortage Night
530Ptakhassina[Global] [Nexuscrim]: The next wb instance pls? [Global] [Astrodyta]: maybe zeta [Global] [Nexuscrim]: magnus or halls?
529Sqlerror[Frigidstorm|Game Master]: I am not sure I understand what you mean by whitehits?
528Magurak[Global] [Belkirra]: its a nice hox sword. there is no mage equivalent, and its good for a guard too...
527Radgrid[Group] [Hornanhenki]: just one guy got buttraped here after he passed out in turkish kebab restaurant
526Jambiya[Raid] [Luvdaboody]: if you target the boss the boss targets you. one hit kill. ... [Raid] [Jambiya]: umm, how did all the ppl die? [Raid] [Luvdaboody]: it is easy to accidentally target the boss.
525Thunderage[Raid] [Dearg]: but I have relatively low health tap I didnt spec anything in depravity
524Sutenhi[NPH] [Shomaria]: I just got 2h blunt weapon from q but says I can't use, as bear shaman thought they could use 2h Name: Shomaria Level: 22 Class: Dark Templar Race: Cimmerian Region: City of Tortage
523Sutenhi[Global] [Lolzalot]: no its not,pvp is alive and healthy here,and tbh we pvpers have toned it down so people feel more welcome
522Tura[Global] [Tura]: lf t5 guild that has barb spot [Fonsbol]: I'm sure destiny has :p
521Anisocorie[23:32] [NPH] [Iixi]: So, you save a "working girl" from certain death and you can't sleep with her because "she has too many clients"? Did I just get friend zoned by an NPC?
520Hushi[Raid] [Ignorantus]: ffs, cloak horn hit my good eye.. need dual eyepatch
519Rafen[Global] [Krazycat]: gaureetee you wont use tit in my raids or ill kick your ass fater than a tornado
518Tura[Global] [Combat]: Personally, I don't think we get a special Halloween event this year... I'm pretty certain.
517Hushi[Global] [Loubnator]: survive untill the apointed hour where is the apointed hour plz
516Yoelrey[21:04] [Raid] [Laserbeams]: "Heart on fire" called on ts should trigger the same speed of spreading as a russian hooker who hears the words "10 dollars"
515Sicith[NPH] [Wodam]: anyone up for RP ? [NPH] [Sicith]: only if it's dirty. You are invited to group by Wodam.
514Evito[Raid] [Pelatar]: killiki tactic - log out,turn off computer,go to pub
513Hushi[Global] [Iarsen]: [Chain of Tartaros] [22:43] [Global] [Robtech]: gz my love
512Nuadhu[Kardazian]: brb 4 min l sleep childrens
511Ignorantus[Raid] [Kardazian]: brb 4 min l sleep childrens
510Radgrid[Raid] [Bolterra]: umm you have experience with vistrix? 1 bane no turning.. sounds risky
509Tura[Raid] [Aecho]: VISTRIX IS A GRIL!
508Tura[NPH] [Monomanic]: How do i get hoover info on groupmembers?
507Anagonia[Global] [Volbear]: I thought I'd better pause Aoc and talk to wife, but found she had left me 2 weeks previously!
506Sicith[Raid] [Alhel]: sorry have a phone
505Salvatio[Global] [Nusquam]: PvP, serious business.
504Sicith[Global] [Gaotu]: Hands up Motherstickers, this is a fuck up
503Sicith[LFG] [Jasdkljalks]: Need 1 for clack castle run
502Downsize[Schtunk]: i won't waste my time on a failure like conan.
501Bearmageddon[Global] [Baerenmolch]: selling favorable spec for all classes pve/pvp just 5 gold I guarantee 1500 dps with all classes (rotation costs extra) girls get 10% Discount if interested /tell me (10mins wait due to high demand) !!!
500Arcanelord[Global] [Steroidmolch]: selling favorable spec for all classes pve/pvp just 5 gold I guarantee 1500 dps with all classes (rotation costs extra) girls get 10% Discount if interested /tell me !!!
499Vordrunn[Global] [Mozzilla]: Yakhmar need 1 hill
498Sicith[NPH] [Galvair]: ...This is probably the only game I'll see a general chat talk about fish sex.
497Sicith[Global] [Xymek]: my pom is holding strength and fight PoM'a cures for analyzing the terrain can two persons PoM
496Silanha[Group] [Combat]: this is insane pro group
495Ignorantiko[NPH] [Corsario]: Hello fuking people! [NPH] [Sugarballs]: the fuking people were ancient and noble people in southwest asia they were mainly farmers and famed craftsman
494Kalmha[Group] [Sinqq]: i see jo doesnt like my sin anymore [Group] [Kalashtura]: you dont have mountaineer!
493Yunishi[NPH] [Feeblegeezer]: Anyone know how to get to Fabio's girlfriend in the Outflow Tunnels? [NPH] [Feeblegeezer]: I swear I've kelled everything 3 times already and still can't find her.
492Qashu[IRC] Gerlice: how would you feel if ppl would judge you for the deeds of Tomhet for example? :P
491Yunishi[Global] [Cromowner]: xervina your name in russian cockvina
490Ironmen[NPH] [Combat]: Anyone out there, thats an expert on game mechanics?
489Hyposetis[Global] [Dendystre]: wtf the fuck does kang pagoda translate to [Global] [Sugarballs]: fat fuck chll spot
488Tura[NPH] [Lannisterj]: any of you people watch game of thrones?
487Leonnatos[17:37] [Global] [Combat]: Alan, I think funcom should take away one of the Conq's bubbles..whatcha say? [17:37] [Global] [Alandala]: Sure! [17:37] [Global] [Combat]: I'm going to suggest that.
486Yunishi[Guild] [Condrakon]: me and zeus have some hard for you inc hehehe
485Rafen[Global] [Crubb]: cong look for guild .....NOW [Global] [Gregoryrex]: sweet we need a cong
484Hushi[Raid] [Firefish]: brb [Raid] [Fenrisulfur]: fish goes to be sick [Raid] [Maliila]: fish died? [Raid] [Fenrisulfur]: force vomiting atm [Raid] [Maliila]: oh.. :P more room for alcohol then :P [Raid] [Fenrisulfur]: passed out on the toilet floor covered in sick [Raid] [Fenrisulfur]: he's only 12
483Tura[Global] [Scunner]: my internet went down once and I had to go talk to my family .... they turn out to be really nice people
482Phlegmbelch[Guild] [Johara]: this is best wb so fat Igno :)
481Fenrisulfur[Raid] [Ambarb]: It's really nice to get humped by a dog when you are wearing shorts. It feels cool.
480Ignorantes[Guild] [Zhuosin]: for example if you want[High Priest's Ring of Intelligence]you must join amarican raid [Guild] [Zhuosin]: everyone else just kills boss too fast I couldnt complete that quest until I joind twd raid last night ^.^
479Arcanelord[Global] [Papilini]: i came up from underworld as a goul what did i do wrong ime on necro (abyss) [Global] [Ksiombarg]: Pappi, pray to Christ, stop killing cats in the name of Satan
478Shimi [Global] [Combat]: I love Tomhet!
477Nyctum[Combat]: When they eventually do nerf DT's.. which is a certainty... oh the tears ..tears of DTs so sweet.
476Fenrisulfur[NPH] [Ismobench]: also stupid sometimes (think about how many people do not know how to navigate anymore etc) [NPH] [Ismobench]: cannot remember which side of tree ants make nest, etc [NPH] [Crytoknight]: Yes. Just the other day I was driving and got lost. Had to pull over and check trees for ant nests. Happens all the time.
475Tura[Frigidstorm|Game Master]: Sorry, about that. Got stuck zoning. Are you still there?
474Tura[Global] [Masterknight]: where do i find the last legion head and cheat gear
473Mitsakos[21:59] [Gitbin]: khemii is dead
472Sqlerror[Raid] [Sersi]: run to Iyaiba if you have blood draw [Raid] [Sersi]: he can remove it
471Iyaiba[Raid] [Bolgarkai]: hotboy you take adds ok? [Raid] [Hotboy]: np adds boss girls np for me
470Rafen[NPH] [Lafiamma]: is there an epic bob in the arena quest?
469Elphantasmo[Yondaimee]: actually i could be full t4 if i wanted =)
468Hyposetis[Global] [Antipaticot]: WC not finished yet [Global] [Antipaticot]: We lost the 1st match in 2010 too [Global] [Antipaticot]: And we won the WC
467Sechta[22:01] [Raid] [Ignorantio]: 5 clowns [22:01] [Raid] [Ignorantio]: the real one has a red nose
466Senakisu[Global] [Siyahayi]: what does the spawn of nergal drop [Global] [Maedb]: batshit
465Mitsakos[Global] [Flametongue]: would some demo please give Kikikanone some lessons in agro management - 3rd time the twat has pulled wb and kitet him around
464Redartin"I only fear god and zenitee" - Magnetoo, 2014.
463Elphantasmo [Global] [Wushengdasi]: Wait a minute, you called the WB a "tardboss" but you cannt find It? I-row-knee I-row-knee.
462Fenrisulfur[Global] [Roror]: sharks disabled ?
461Avernal[Raid] [Xhepyros]: my english only talk tarzan [20:19] [Raid] [Redtin]: <3 [20:19] [Raid] [Redtin]: ALO magneto! [20:19] [Raid] [Xhepyros]: alo alo [20:19] [Raid] [Kediyavrusu]: me tarzan you vodka
460Qashu[20:47] [Guild] [Zorgbus]: AOC run with wifi lol [20:48] [Guild] [Bottsi]: Zorgbus logged off
459Callixtus[Global] [Zatrolu]: flaem/vortx/palas/den NEED 1rogae 1 Hill
458Avernal[Raid] [Sechta]: I have a one legged lizard mount... his name is Tothramon [23:04] [Raid] [Kediyavrusu]: i heard him talking on ts to tomhet..creepy dude :D
457Bleed[Global] [Acrimony]: Full Kara-Korem Circuit, buy the ticket, take the ride. See alien ships, sexy spacemen in shiny tights, thrilling headgear! Need 2 heals and one dps. Starting at Necropolis.
456Rafen[NPH] [Truthsayer]: which is the best build for conq Juggernaught or Tempest ?
455Senakisu[Global [Malikfier]: why is it that all mobs attack me and not my pet [Global] [Cethearn]: because you have the face only a mother could love
454Tura[Guild] [Grayw]: im speechless how retarded this is
453Ignorantio[Raid] [Campro]: I always stay on the safe side with every class!
452Ignoranto[Global] [Sechta]: Tainted Souls laundry raid lfm 1x demo teamspeak-english-exp. are welcome, prepare we`re LULLI FUB!
451Bleed[Global] [Lapetitemort]: I once had to leave a Halo match because my cat puked down the front of my screen.
450Ignorantus[Guild] [Joxli]: [Drekus]: I had to shave my bear [Guild] [Elpenor]: u shave goats too? [Guild] [Krovac]: shave your bard?
449Vermilion[Guild] [Ignoranticus]: Minter in thor vile
448Ignorantius[Raid] [Kashuwrath]: yes, from next week I only take rogues with mountaneer feated, so sins, barbs, ra(n)gers pls...
447Tura[Guild] [Badpenny]: Good morning and afternoob
446Ignorantes[Raid] [Yscra]: TNX FOR THIS FUCKING RAID FUCKERS!
445Avernal[Xiansing]: well alphacat didnt say goodnight to me so you turned her against me youre a true evil and i wont rest until i destroy you so from now on watch carefully under every rock in every bush and in every milf vagina because my assassins will be everywhere !!!
444Ignorantius[Global] [Aecho]: nah conqueror was shit
442Bleed[NPH] [Callmemister]: can u guys [NPH] [Callmemister]: hear me [NPH] [Callmemister]: how the fuck do i play this game lol
441Sequana[Global] [Arcnor]: best from both worlds , mele and caster , can rise from the dead and transform into a demon:) [Global] [Vlargg]: sounds like my ex wife
440Hakuho[Raid] [Ignoranto]: I dunno, those space games tend to both suck and blow
439Tura[NPH] [Kalzik]: Should I replace [Enruned Kosalan Ring] as soon as I can? [NPH] [Naerinka]: no bring it to the Entity fight
438Rafen[Global] [Conqubinne]: quick question: what is the difference in Defiance heal 1 point and 5 points? [Global] [Lakanuuki]: 4 points.
437Redartin[Global] [Uglymonkey]: MMORPG = Mainly Men Online Role Playing Girls
436Shompoygoo[04:04] [Global] [Alandalar]: T4 is all about 8-10 strong players and 14 slackers.
435Belaf[Nuclearr]: go fuck your all harems camels
434Kataxenna[Global] [Volgarn]: The problem is too many people think that Aoc is a place to have fun :)
433Senakisu[Global] [Kataxenna]: next world boss is a giant pac-man in onyx chambers
432Kataxenna[Global] [Kataxenna]: ppl with lizard mount should be attackable on pve server. [Global] [Skelper]: they should be attackable on the street.
431Krovac[13:23] [Global] [Kataxenna]: christ on a bike [13:23] [Global] [Ismobench]: tour de france
430Ignoranto[Raid] [Redtin]: you need to live in rich countries like Srbia and have awesome internet like me [Raid] [Robypom]: Tell Bonita say it s cable so they think we are rich too like Red
429Nectanebus[NPH] [Ramis]: does blue iron only come from duckmetal,
428Belaf[Zoomer]: bori makes player like you without any skill ....> just trying to kill ppl ungeared
427Redtincan[Global] [Druidace]: where do i get pvp hacks
426Sicith[Global] [Strydora]: why does everything have to turn to wow.. thats like sitting in a fancy restaurant and talking about mcdonalds
425Rafen[Group] [Joxli]: ok, Zihad, Siaomasiao and Drekus, you gay have to be like real heros in next fight
424Flowertucci [Khuull]: loyally i have to say im drunk
423Bergtora[Global] [Nergalpriest]: [Cloak of the Black Pharaoh] <3 YARR [Global] [Sicith]: ooh +10 to teleport skill?
422Sicith[Global] [Elyriya]: SWTOR is the Babylon 5 of MMOs.
421Ignoranto[Global] [Moolpar]: @avernal i blood for loot - but it isn?t neccesary. i have good guild, and we killed all bosses since a year ago - that?s the cause i say lulli fub raid ^^
420Rafen[Global] [Peadar]: as a tank i always have it off
419Senakisu[Guild] [Pipach]: [Sage's Bracers of the Bloody Stone][Sage's Boots of the Bloody Stone] [Guild] [Pipach]: time to betray :) [Guild] [Tura]: typical woman
418Sicith[Global] [Hachetsoup]: yeti anywere and witch serving please?
417Natura[Global] [Vouga]: this game has no hackers
416Callixtus[Global (English)] [Rabiddog]: anyone tell were to find desserter chin-yau
415Ignoranto[Raid] [Koranto]: give that f*****g rare now, I want the dildo
414Kashuwrath[16:07] [Global] [Terabyte]: whre to buy Goatslayer expansion guys ?
413Sicith[Global] [Menageasept]: It would be nice if they'd just give us giant loot boxes that don't fight back but have millions of HP. Then we could spend two hours fighting a box for a potion. It would be awesome!
412Joxli[20:19] [NPH] [Catalyct]: whats the best way to teleport around the map? [20:19] [NPH] [Tura]: Nergalport
411Oprahwinfrei[Guild] [Ignoranteo]: spent 3 hours making him look like Rick Astley :( [Guild] [Tura]: as long as he doesn't sound like him
410Mazikheen [Global] [Stinkmuff]: the minute an 80 wants to get in an instance that has a lowbie in it, the lowbie should be zoned out and their hard drive should start on fire
409Redtincan[NPH] [Dsant]: Ranger damage is based on dps.. What is a mage damage based on?
408Tura[Global] [Lemonlime]: I wonder if jesus hates having his birthday so close to christmas
407Tura[Global] [Deddex]: So, any Twilight fans out there? [Global] [Redemius]: YES ZEVINA
406Hushi[20:39] [Raid] [Gahru]: i found a way to survive i follow sinqq all the time dont even clicked the boss only attack boss when he attacks :D [20:41] Gahru died. [20:41] Sinqq died.
405Joxli[Guild] [Kula]: its a sad world where you cant walk freely with your damn lizard anymore!
404Ignoranto[Raid] [Gahru]: it moves anti clockwise [Raid] [Krovac]: red has digital clock [Raid] [Krovac]: so no clue
403Hushi[Gahru]: so delicious cos its igno [Gahru]: sorry iglo
402Tura[Global] [Tamquil]: Do you have some interest easily and quickly earn gold? [Global] [Polmarag]: do you have some interest in quickly joining the ignore channel?
401Ignorantiko[Guild] [Kamalakshi]: ardashit need mage, pom/bs
400Condrakon[Group] [Ramanli]: it is a pain to tank with fever just 38,5 now [Group] [Ganjatemplar]: ouch6 [Group] [Imnotsobad]: ur hot tank
399Arcanelord[Raid] [Ayleetah]: sorry people, my bad, my son reached over the keyboard and managed to get my toon running forward
398Fenrisulfur[NPH] [Necailinra]: yes ...congrats on escaping a tropical paradise with white sands and 2 bars and one whorehouse.....
397Fenrisulfur[Raid] [Angelsky]: 1the boss is not good must continue to clean it
396Tura[Global] [Beepmeep]: I want Mechanical Harm, not an ibis anyone got that for me?
395Ignorantico[Guild] [Turllogh]: had to change the name of my barb (Skallaghrim), after yesterday i found myself in a group with Skallgrom and Skallagram. it was annoyin
394Shimi [Guild] [Singsong]: tainted souls..i thought it was just a name..and now its too late...
393Thecount[Ignorantius]: a team of highly skilled scientists are setting up the !groups. hang on.
392Ignorantio[Guild] [Pipach]: we kick all germans with N :P look at poor Nergal [Guild] [Pipach]: he just wanted to help
391Alvadt[20:49] [Raid] [Bearfang]: conq rezzing gothrek is like rezzing kenny from southpark tbh
390Tura[NPH] [Swansinger]: My cramps will be ok. Just need to have an orgasm after my son god to school. It helps. ;)
389Tura[Global] [Druidace]: fuck off creep
388Ignorantiko[Raid] [Robtech]: i am noob but plis gime chance to do some raids,they always kick me
387Ignorantius[Guild] [Exploded]: i'm guessing shinken is doing epic bobshur house with he's new love alandalandia
386Ignorantiko[Guild] [Aenrath]: If only Red had told me he names his char freddmercury i d name mine RobHalford and we could e-rp together ,now i am sad
385Powermove[Global] [Rano]: haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love and germans gonna germ?!
384Redartin[Raid] [Jezibaba]: do not have frontal blue heal
383Grenze[Group] [Juses]: go pull the BOSS, the HUMAN, 2 ARMS, 2 LEGS [Group] [Juses]: GIRL [Group] [Juses]: PUSSY [Group] [Juses]: however u like to call that one
382Ignorantus[Global] [Amalrius]: what is bear shaman culture called? [Global] [Sillysin]: gay
381Ignorantiko[Global] [Shadown]: LFM Monas - Palace . (...) NO CRAB NOOBS PLEASE
380Ignorantiko[NPH] [Rexrebellis]: conqs are great, thatt flame banner is awesome
379Hyposetis[Group] [Proteccion]: if he got a tali spec yes, an ot spec do little dps
378Rafen[Xerkses]: need bathroombreak.....had chili for dinner QQ
377Redartin[23:52] [Global] [Druidace]: pom looking 4 xibiluka raids
376Pakpao[Raid] [Haekate]: guys, what swords, where to move? it's like there's a different fight on TS [Raid] [Zenilom]: which TS are you on? [Raid] [Haekate]: damn, was on wrong TS :) the one with magyarok pass
375Ignorantio[Raid] [Vallara]: ck is awesome gay
374Eldwarg[Guild] [Ignorantikus]: Set sail for fail! Fail boat's headed for Faillikkikiki
372Thecount[Raid] [Lyyk]: I'ma look up the most inbred whiskey tango truckdriver guild I can find and go all redneck up in that biaatch
371TuraAttention! All EU servers are coming down in 10 minutes for an update. [Guild] [Ignorantus]: everybody log HKO for some pro rp
370Tura[Group] [Kediyavrusu]: hang on i'm writing this all down...now what do we do when they thing does that thingy where we move then remove the thingy and avoid being hit by the thingy?
369Blodeuwedd[Guild] [Zenitet]: lol I heard there was a coupe in Ataxia :P [Guild] [Blodeuwedd]: a car? [Guild] [Zenitet]: fuck sake how does it spell then
368Redved[18:59] [Guild] [Ignorantiko]: saving the 11th spot for something cool... like ranger
367Hakuho[Raid] [Myrinaa]: and as usual wait a few sec befor going insane:):) [Raid] [Tura]: like when i wake up in morning
366Tura[13:33] Respect left your guild.
365Ignoranticus[Raid] [Oobelixx]: dusk fiend in french pls ?? [Raid] [Brutalz]: le dusk fiend?
364Coyursa[20:06] To [Odhrn]: i'm a whore, i raid with anyone who pay me & i am cheap... ;-)
363FumansGroup] [Thorbern]: dunno how to enter[Group] [Molay]: aim for the hole
362Blodeuwedd[NPH] [Seneb]: Seneb's Potion Store - We sell potions, food and drink. Best prices in Hyboria. Check out our store in Tortage today!! Much better prices than with that bitch Isobel!
361Blodeuwedd[NPH] [Morixx]: (newbie) is hit rating or cobat rating more important for a Burg? [NPH] [Morixx]: Rogue sorry
360Skogwarg[Global] [Busjo]: topenecro and kongbiceps should start a guild... with druidace
359Redved Red:"want me to use vision of the sky or bears? [03:18] [Group] [Simla]: Vision of Watermelons, plz
358Hyposetis[10:05] [Global] [Druidace]: healer looking 4 AIDS [10:05] [Global] [Druidace]: RAIDS
357Bearfang[19:26] [Guild] [Skogwarg]: i play diferently, its not all about dps
356Zenitea17:26] [Group] [Redartin]: I'd rather suck a cock then going KK
355RafenZenitet "Oooh i just felt something in my ass"
354Ignorantius[Global] [Dalusia]: when milky way and andromeda crash conqs bubble up and continue
353Zenilom[23:18] [Guild] [Ignorantikus]: always carnage now... brute is terrible, only worse
352Ashred[Raid] [Raixa]: sry guys [Raid] [Raixa]: and girls [Raid] [Sequana]: and Red
351Tura [Raid] [Shyakha]: boss was alrays enraged either was ignoranteo activating fire banner of the bs using manif of sun [Raid] [Shyakha]: its ignoranteo your activating fire banner mate
350Blodeuwedd[Guild] [Amellie]: I need a bit of help. I currently have 381.4 DPS, if I remove this off hand weapon from my off hand, what should my DPS be? [South Cleave of the Vermilion Bird] [Guild] [Grayw]: lower :D
349Tura[Guild] [Zenilom]: Ohh come on we know you love to roleplay with shinky and his hospital dress
348Pakpao[Global] [Deviated]: u colpete raterd
347Flowertucci [Global] [Irishtemplar]: if you look into a dictionary for arrogant incompetent cunt, you ll find a picture of chass
346Blodeuwedd[Guild] [Shinken]: [00:20] [Cherepjoker]: you guild need demo?
345Flowertucci[Raid] [Kediyavrusu]: i accepted your rs tomhet and got same debuff as that woman in tarantia commons gives you :O
344Blodeuwedd[Global (English)] [Mortika]: where is the class trainer in Old Tarantula?
343Vermilion[Raid] [Redartin]: tomhet thinked of me in a leopard bikini
342Ignoranto[Raid] [Vermilion]: die in a more dramatic and heroic fashion please
341Ignorantio[Guild] [Pipach]: LFM w3 1 guard 2 dt 1 tos 1 bs 21 demo 2 necro 1 hox 1 barb 2 sin 2 ranger
340Ignorantus[Guild] [Tomhet]: have ib on f [Guild] [Tomhet]: and sb6 on shit+f
339Blodeuwedd[NPH] [Baietso]: so I recon weaver and skinner skills are most suitable for barbarian?
338Zezowaty[Raid] [Psimind]: really its more complicare, he have kids with some other woman, who was using him like sex machine
337Blodeuwedd[Global] [Finalbarb]: what is the best guild for a barbarian?
336Natura[17:16] [Global] [Petrokles]: tards still haven't figured that there's no group or raid yet? go to the fkin zone & learn how to swap instance dickwads..
335Sequana[Guild] [Amellie]: The enconter in Tura is fixed?
334Ignorantus[Vizya]: i'm disappointed with our Intelligence office [Vizya]: we pumped so much gold to you guys [Ignorantus]: the inteligense monkies were eaten by the cracken [Guild] [Vizya]: our prayers go to their families
333Elphantasmo [Ismo]: finally a game which all women have been waiting for: rescue 2013 - firemen RPG :D [Kepha]: I thought women enjoyed Kitchen Adventure , a MMORPG? :o
332Josephinne19:11] [Global] [Tzaz]: i want a cd with aoc offline to play when i dont have intenet (single player) [19:12] [Global] [Tzaz]: pls consider it funcom
331Ignoranto[Raid] [Kimcat]: was a great raid red got banned and we saw serbian euro ladydude i give raid an 8 out of 10 :D
330Sequana [Raid] [Fallaan]: Tura didn't like my favorite singer :( [Raid] [Kamalakshi]: maybe he loged off to fap? [Raid] [Kimcat]: i bet he did
329Josephinne"[Group] [Ganjatemplar]: sec I need to take a morning poo-poo "
328Ignorantus[Raid] [Puccachoo]: Left is Aecho's and Pucchis cosy corner [Raid] [Aecho]: <333
327Tura[Raid] [Darthereth]: move in with me shink, we can shower together to save the planet from global warming
326Iyon[Raid] [Tarikko]: dont chase kills [Raid] [Tentacles]: lol coment of the day :D
325Rafen[Guild] [Zezowaty]: damn shink u have titties?
324Vermilion[Raid] [Natura]: hmmm it looks like Igno doesn't wear underwear LOL
323Ignoranto[Guild] [Toozie]: you should see my breath :) [Guild] [Toozie]: want me to blow on you? :)
322Rafen[Guild] [Josephinne]: Castration is good?
321Bergtora[Newcrow]: ye funcom! bad the noobs!
320Rafen[Global] [Gitbin]: i solo T1
319Anstice[NPH] [Thul'amhor]: I see no RP in juping off yo tigah, saying ?o ma niuggah to another epic hero and fly away to jade citadel. On a pink dragon.
318Bleed[Raid] [Fangfu]: THAT WAS A SERIOUS NOB RAID AND i LOVED IT :)
317Vermilion[Global] [Izentropi]: Anyone knows the quest chain for the "Black Dragons Clock"?
316Anstice[Global] [Jorgeleon]: NEED HEALER TO DO CROWD NEST
315Ignorantius!logon [Raid] [Naly]: where is tomhet, pero, martin, alex, king, billy?????? [Raid] [Ignorantius]: raiding with dinky, donky, funky, fonky
314Vermilion[Guild] [Johara]: afk 1 min, i have to tie Hushi to teh sofa again...
313Anstice[Raid] [Druidace]: ok good bound to need inviteto guild join lordvlie
312Shimi[20:58] [Raid] [Vermilion]: ?petition can we have chairs at entity to wait for reloggers please?
311Ignoranteo[Group] [Vonqy]: im black
310Tura[Guild] [Hekkaton]: omg!!!! i just realize that instead of this[The Helot of Sacrilege] i was using this for few days[Staff of Death]
309Ignorantico[Raid] [Joxli]: worms: Igno - Zeni - Boud - Valk
308Anstice[Global] [Pusjo]: whats wrong with beyonce? [Global] [Pusjo]: ill gladly wank to her
307Mazikheen[Guild] [Amellie]: guess what guys, my uncle almost won an Oscar. He was nominated, but did not win... :( [Guild] [Harmageddon]: best asspull?
306Vermilion[Raid] [Harmageddon]: i relog, can see shit
305Magnhildur[Group] [Rafozo]: We can clear some moobs
304Ashred[20:53] [Raid] [Natura]: no asspulls lol I love this [20:53] [Raid] [Aecho]: im just checking sth [20:54] [Raid] [Aecho]: seems im perfect hight for a bj [20:54] [Raid] [Aecho]: XD
303Lordvile[Camelom]: did you know I am fiction, I am a made up computer made to please you all
302Tomhet[Guild] [Bergtora]: I love ornating naked poles
301Argobarb[03:14] [Guild] [Argobarb]: btw... I dont have anything against turkey. [03:15] [Guild] [Bastela]: neither do i, i like turkey especialy at xmas :) [03:16] [Guild] [Argobarb]: Why is that? [03:16] [Guild] [Bastela]: because it tastes good?
300Zenitee[20:27] [Raid] [Ignorantus]: We're still a gay friendly guild I think? [20:27] [Raid] [Puccachoo]: your still in it Igno... we must be
299Rafen[Raid] [Kimcat]: but thecunt in corner instead :D [Raid] [Kimcat]: *thecount oops [Raid] [Kimcat]: was typo :P
298Rafen[Raid] [Rafen]: cam will die [19:38] [Raid] [Rafen]: so stay in [19:38] [Raid] [Rafen]: he always dies [Raid] [Campro]: I have rear guard (Cam died).
296Tura[Guild] [Johara]: yesss the naked girls!
295Tura[Guild] [Bottsi]: Player with bigger ass than amelie does not exist.
294Tura[Raid] [Camelom]: conqs is the class that mess up least in raids - Cam dies kiting 5minutes later.
292Ignorantus[Global] [Redartin]: Guardian looking for T5 raiding guild (Full T4, full AA's)
291Ignorantus[Guild] [Lordvile]: naked fistfights would be balanced untill someone droped a soap
290Ignorantus[Raid] [Tura]: the fucking yellow sign [Raid] [Ignorantus]: I don't see a yellow sign anywhere [Raid] [Tura]: it says moose crossing
289Zenitee[19:29] [Redved]: gief spot in alt raid :P [19:29] [Redved]: kick some1 [19:30] [Redved]: I'll go Tortage and grind Banana's for you sin
288TuraRedartin "Never, ever use your brains guys".
287Tura[Raid] [Camelom]: I need to kite
286Ignorantico[Guild] [Satyros]: haha nice..hows guild wars? [Guild] [Satyros]: boring and gay? [Guild] [Molay]: boring as hell [Guild] [Molay]: and gay [Guild] [Molay]: and not in the good kind of way
285Ignoranto[Guild] [Pakpao]: seems the fuse was on it's way out, took two of us to fight our way to it and then it was a major challenge to swap for new fuse [Guild] [Pakpao]: I'm scared shitless of electricity and he's scared of spiders. [Guild] [Pakpao]: but amazing what you can do when internet is threatened
284Ignorantus[Global] [Redartin]: yes Someus is my alt
283Ignorantes[Global] [Tarikko]: Any conqueror noticed some HP loss since latest patch? [Global] [Tura]: only when getting hit
282Iyon[Guild] [Pakpao]: ah that feeling when you solo a hard boss and when you're walking away a group turns up to kill same boss and has to wait
281Vermilion[Global] [Someus]: God is just. [Global] [Someus]: He sees everything. [Global] [Cafall]: he saw you ninja loot...santa probably did too
280Tura[Raid] [Hushi]: 24 ppl cant hide there, she has not so big ass
279Hushi[Global] [Gridion]: hey if i have group with somebody than that men can enter in mi computer???
278Tura[Global] [Someus]: How much does Advanced Raiding cost? [Global] [Someus]: And eastern raiding?
277Lordvile[Guild] [Zaenerys]: the plug is in the right hole ^^
276Ignorantus[Raid] [Amellie]: It's normal for conqs. Conqs don;t have enough DPS to kill Saddur that early in the game. They must go and kill the crocks and wait for them to respawn for a few more kills to level a few times before trying Sadsur again.
275Hushi[20:07] [Raid] [Ignorantus]: Raiding for dummies... Zen is making a fortune off it [20:07] [Raid] [Badboyy]: he is i got 3 copys
274TuraWipes at Mithrelle after fix: [Raid] [Ignorantus]: looks ok now
273Ignorantus[Guild] [Badboyy]: i logged in and got lvl 80 then logged out and played with the nextdoor neghibers cock,mch more enjoyable
272Biffyclyro[Global] [Dinub]: ofc ive got an whole mongo farm up my anus [Global] [Dinub]: mango
271Korando[Raid] [Ignorantus]: All sardine belt workers at the factory knows Zen tactics
270Simla[Raid] [Pliigheu]: you here ifnoantes
269Tura[Guild] [Emallaith]: [Ripper of the Faceless Chaos] because FUCK YOU T3 SWORD <3
268Ignorantus[Raid] [Camelom]: tactics? [Raid] [Kellenved]: kill loot [Raid] [Tura]: get boss
267Hushi[21:29] [Raid] [Vroy]: Kittiara why you pulling boss [21:29] [Raid] [Inno]: move ur ass down [21:29] [Raid] [Kiittiara]: no i'm not pul the bos only utamon
266Hushi[Raid] [Amellie]: Ok, I can focus 100% now, little barb is gone out with wife. [Raid] [Tura]: Pela?
265Tura[Global] [Saiffed]: is YG down or something? when i go to it, it shows some kind of retarded christian t-shirt shop....
264Korando[Guild] [Fallaan]: u raid nude with your helmet on Igno? [Guild] [Zenites]: Nude with a dildo on head, sounds suspitious
263Zenites[Guild] [Fallaan]: u raid nude with your helmet on Igno? [Guild] [Zenites]: Nude with a dildo on head, sounds suspitious
262Stonepaw [Aecho]: now you also have a red penis Lehl..just that its freakishly long and tin ^^
261Vermilion [Raid] [Someus]: This looks stronger[Raid] [Greebo]: than? [Raid] [Someus]: Than me
260Phlegmbelch[Guild] [Sillmarill]: NEVER [Guild] [Sillmarill]: NEVER [Guild] [Sillmarill]: EVER [Guild] [Sillmarill]: GO PILLARS [Guild] [Sillmarill]: EVER [Guild] [Sillmarill]: NEVER [Guild] [Sillmarill]: WITH PUGS [Guild] [Sillmarill]: GRUMPF [Contributed by: Phlegmbelch]
258Vermilion[Global] [Swiftbasher]: is this tier 4?[Bluesteel Flanged Mace]
257Tura[Raid] [Johara]: gz Ignaero :D
256Tura[Guild] [Redartin]: where are you Igno I want to see your t4 penis
255Ignorantus[Guild] [Tura]: ffs all my quotes have typos [Guild] [Ignorantus]: qoutes you mean [Guild] [Tura]: yes that
254Hyposetis[Guild] [Vermilion]: and i miss Naeck's sexy raidleader voice
253Hushi[Guild] [Nahrvath]: i was thinking Aecho we can soon introduce Tainted Souls Penis&Boobs Raids :D
252Tura[Guild] [Aecho]: Hushi your sword looks like a golden penis
251Iyon[Raid] [Hushi]: Igno swap to conq
250Ignorantus[Guild] [Atkara]: hoxes fly every day. hoxes can do anything and everything and that's why they're called Heralds of Awesomeness [Guild] [Atkara]: and when the Age of the Hoxueror comes, you'll all wished you were Atkara
249Ignorantus[Global] [Ricefarmer]: When Tzaz wipe people in t3 cus of miasma he /tells hathor-ka: FUCKING CHEATER OMG
248Zenitee[21:25] [Guild] [Torilius]: 24) Abaary - 34,440 DPS: 193.48 (0.78%) aabary says: still i manage to top the parse [21:25] [Guild] [Abaary]: Highest critical hit: Abaary (11,237) Highest normal hit: Abaary (4,700)
247Ephemeris[Guild] [Zenitee]: !help
246Ignorantus[Raid] [Tura]: where are we tanking the insemintaor?
245Iyon[Raid] [Zenitee]: Zenitee crits vent server with 200000000 blabla damage
244Tura[16:41] [Global] [Hoskuldr]: CALL GITBIN PLEASE, U SUCK [Global] [Gitbin]: he is out driving with motorbike owning monkeys on streets [Global] [Lacharn]: delivering pizzas?
243Rooqie[Global] [Rooqie]: Anyone knows where Cotton Eye Joe came from or where he did go? [Fearmancer]: which quest mate?
242Treanna[Raid] [Kellenved]: what is the order of 12 man? [Raid] [Ignorantus]: 1 to 12
241Ignorantus[Guild] [Syra]: crashed o.o logged back in an empty lost temple instance cant get out of it now [Guild] [Rinloth]: it's not lost temple without a reason
240Tura[Raid] [Pelatar]: yeah i'm hot girl..send gold
239Tura [Global] [Vishwamitra]: what to do to change faction from yag kosha to priest of yun? [Global] [Rookni]: Like Priests of Yun on Facebook
238Stonepawtext [Guild] [Emallaith]: if you're female,check if you're in your fertile days before watching new batman trailer [Guild] [Emallaith]: CAUSE IT FUCKS THAT HARD!!!!!!!
237Emallaith[Guild] [Emallaith]: Starship Zenitee was destroyed in direct confrontation with Shemalians, despite their bigger firepower it seems they went over tactics for 2h while Shemalians just attacked
236Pipach[12:39] [Raid] [Wanhunglo]: i have funeral rights [12:42] [Guild] [Doxasma]: in case of wipe
235Zenitee[Guild] [Aecho]: those tits from episode 2 will haunt me in nightmares
234IyonGahru left your guild. [Guild] [Torrente]: who was gahru?
233Mystralia[Guild] [Treanna]: u guys have some really weird quotes :)
232Thumpa[16:07] [Guild] [Welhung]: we could get married Ig and get pissed allday and when i pass out you could pretend to rez me but not in a gay way [Guild] [Ignorantio]: errr, that sounds gay [Guild] [Welhung]: yeah it dose
231Ephemeris[Amellie]: Jesus walked on water, Gitbin swims through land.
230Ephemeris[Amellie]: Lehl, if Pelatar would be naked, you would follow him right? [Lehl]: hummm, only if he is welhung ^^
229Zenitee[Raid] [Malystrie]: just noticed.. why does general have dildo in his head? o.O [Raid] [Assina]: lol [Raid] [Johara]: because he is a dick
227Rafen[Guild] [Grimneon]: my ass looks fat in this pants
226TuraRedartin "I hope we're crafting the right ingot" <--- Zenitee's craft.
225TuraT4 - Thursday, 1st March Group 1 1: Calm 2: The 3: Fuck 4: Down 5: Groups 6: Are Group 2 1: Not 2: Ready 3: Yet 4: 5: 6:
224Ephemeris[Raid] [Johara]: guild city whores are the best anyway
223Hushi[13:49] [Guild] [Zenitee]: can u invite again myr, I just fuck things u ^^ [13:49] [Guild] [Zenitee]: *up
222Tura[Guild] [Grimneon]: FANCY A FUCK ZENITEE???
221Phlegmbelch[NPH] [Krilldor]: this game is great because in the main city, a ginger is being hounded to death
220Ignorantes[Guild] [Gomora]: i can do Aquarius just let me know on what
219Tura[Global] [Copain]: any single yondaime quote should launch the benny hill theme
218Ignorantus[Raid] [Exploded]: butt buffs have descriptions now
217Ignorantus[Raid] [Bers]: i think zen need to tell the tactics again with more detail [Raid] [Bers]: this will motivate people
216Tura[Global] [Raain]: any friendly rp guilds out there? [Global] [Mellitia]: yes but right now they're rping that they're unfriendly
213Tura[Global] [Bagpipe]: gitbin and yondaime is obsessed with population., i bet in real life they have like 20 kids
212Ignoranto[Raid] [Tura]: quit fucking fearing the mobs you fuckers
211Dimebagz21:32] [Guild] [Dimebagz]: !quote Eph, you come to the PoM.. [21:27] [Guild] [Botta]: Breah logged off [21:28] Ephemeris is now online. No i want your DT on the PoM. [21:29] [Guild] [Ephemeris]: Yeah misunderstood QQ.[21:30] [Guild] [Botta]: Ephemeris logged off.[21:30] [Guild] [Botta]: "Breah" (Lvl 80 Dark Templar) Logged On :: Alt of Ephemeris
210Hyposetis[18:55] [Guild] [Hyposetis]: Id be hoxueror [18:56] [Guild] [Ignorantus]: no damage and only cloth armor? sounds awesome
209Theosirisso, your gay and like fat old guys, grats Twiz
208Iyon[Dolsar]: when my wife played Lotro with me I was hugry all the time :P
207Ignoranto[Guild] [Swalec]: omg my guts is bubbling, might have to take my ass for a piss at short notice :D
206Keyzi[Guild] [Mazakeen]: I left ,y last guild and returned to TS becuase my last guild leader was an ass
205Keyzi[Guild] [Altaikai]: Well, basically everyone except officers and those that arent able to achieve joining more than 66% of raids are maggots and and have less rights [Guild] [Altaikai]: Here we're all equally worthless
204Caryz[-mao-]: where is your buufs? [-mao-]: shield To [-mao-]: i have my buffs To [-mao-]: you're not in my group
203Vermilion[Global] [Bulfor]: silly question but is the purple barbarian good for both pvp and pve?
202Keyhlee[Hamanx]: when i was on fury my ex- gf was playiing with me [Hamanx]: and when her brother bought aoc and wanted to play oh my god .... [Hamanx]: we have that rule in guild before any applicant get accepted we run simple skills test [Hamanx]: he keep on failing and failing [Hamanx]: for one week no honey for me cuz he was guildless
201Werwolfthron[Guild] [Frenn]: [22:16] [Yondaime]: is your guild still looking for ranger? [Guild] [Frenn]: [22:18] To [Yondaime]: yes but not you, sorry
200LenoHow did you hear about us, and why do you want to join Tainted Souls? lol ur drunking raid is all over youtube
199Tura[Raid] [Badboyy]: i just did a calulation Zen speech is longer than reading the bible
198Tura[Raid] [Badboyy]: id rather play with a mans knob than do parametric equations
197Ignoranto[Raid] [Ianwright]: Thers a thoth trick where he puts his knob betwen his legs so it looks like he got a fanny ... you got to look out for that one
195Tura[Guild] [Choo]: have u see the new hox app? :D [Guild] [Mirloth]: ah no, who applied? [Guild] [Choo]: kylista [Guild] [Mirloth]: who's he? (sry, newbie in ts) [Guild] [Bowfish]: some hairy biker bloke, but hes alright :)
194Tura[Keyzi]: i have no fucking clue what my shit does
193Johara[09:24] [Guild] [Darkmau]: riding tiger on soldier class is like driving suzuki [09:26] [Guild] [Rhoad]: driving a Harley =)) [09:26] [Guild] [Rhoad]: the engine roars =)
192Zenitee[Raid] [Ignoranto]: having done this about 399 times, when 5 seconds is called, move the fucking fuck away [Raid] [Legandon]: [Raid] [Ignoranto]: having done this about 399 times, when 5 seconds is called, move the fucking fuck away [Next try igno wipes us]
190Theosiris[Ignorantio]: it's the regular conq hate crap... it either works or doesn't yaaarrr!
189Ignorantius[Guild] [Syrinae]: fucking hell Master Dong Oo
188Theosiris[Firefish]: my slacking has saved the guild tbh... im a modest person, but tbh my awesomeness is what has made the guild successful again, and i should be rewarded with lots of gold and wenches... true story
187Ignoranto[Guild] [Slowdown]: I have just came [Guild] [Laserbeams]: well erm, wipe it off?
186Sinqq[20:50] [Guild] [Badboyy]: all ready on it YAAaarrRR ,going to a massive thmem park tomorrow ,im more excited than my daughter :)
185Hushi[00:01] [Guild] [Sxuld]: I need more for that fucking tiger following me with her slow steps [00:01] [Guild] [Sxuld]: If ? ever get the chance to ride her I will never dismount :D [00:02] [Guild] [Xoang]: thats what i said about jessica alba
184Malystrie[Group] [Vlastyka]: im shemale, but i attached the penis in my forehead
183Keyhlee[Guild] [Malicetrie]: hairy butts ftw
182Keyhlee[Raid] [Ignorantus]: I have all of Rick Astley on LP, but it's really hard swapping records while raiding
181Caryz[Firefish]: need more classes exactly like hox, but with different stuff- like maybe a 2h blunt and no other changes
180Ignoranto[Guild] [Zevina]: dont worry Suki, i'm leaving soon [Guild] [Efive]: nice [Guild] [Ignoranto]: finally
179Ignorantius[Guild] [Badboyy]: Carnt male raid stuck in London [Guild] [Twizted]: hahaha male raid :P [Guild] [Electrix]: no it's a female raid tonight
178Magurak[09:24] [Guild] [Keyhlee]: all partners not accepting gaming should be shot
177Ignorantus[Guild] [Kingkongejr]: bad boy bad boy, what are u gonna do??? what u gonna do when i come for u :D
176Keyhlee[Guild] [Loop]: I laugh everytime i see that moon child walk as i have this thought in my mind is ChassDT following his mother to the supermarked:)
175Meode[Guild] [Sinqq]: was talking to elno but sure moede ,i ll kick you :P
174Kataxenna[18:40] [Guild] [Zevina]: join now or get kicked from the raid [18:40] [Guild] [Zevina]: *guild
173Lailaa[22:51] [Guild] [Meode]: !afk porn [22:51] [Guild] [Botta]: Meode is now AFK. [22:52] [Guild] [Meode]: bk [22:52] [Guild] [Botta]: Meode is back. AFK for (59 Seconds)
172Keyhlee[President]: ppl who still plays AOC are no lifers [Grayfeather]: like u? [President]: yes no gf no work no life [President]: but i have epics
171Keyhlee[Guild] [Ignorantus]: quick guys, we need some good players in the SK w1. they're wiping on gargoyles outside.
170Ignorantus[02:08] [Guild] [Efive]: fffd so,efuckerd chanfed the leys on my jeyboard
169Ignorantus[Guild] [Bers]: the best conq gets the nigger penalty, i heard :D
168Keyhlee[Raid] [Morx]: i have applied moisturizer on my hands so if i do any mistakes its because ive slipped with the hand on the mouse
167Ignoranto[Global] [Welhung]: Sin--LFR--Wing 2/3--killxy..got F.H--T.W--P.H.D--Long cock
166Ignorantus[Guild] [Bers]: that master dong hits harder than logic :p
165Fenrisulfur[Group] [Ignorantus]: you know me, I'm all about the ass pulls
164Keyhlee[Guild] [Ignorantus]: there's hd on hotmidgets.com now ^^
163Iyon[Group] [Firefish]: and even when not on tos i know zev splashes like crdz chasing kids in a swimming pool
162Sevenn[01:01] [Guild] [Bers]: the only thing logic can predict accurately is the time of his next meal :p
161Crahyon[Nudd]: gonna to watch 24, laters To [Nudd]: enjoy :) [Nudd]: ty [Nudd]: its got timers <3
160Iyon[Group] [Ivil]: POM HEAL US FUKC FLAG
159Keyhlee[Guild] [Tura]: I love paikang, quiet one moment then being chased by a zoo the next moment
158Tura[Guild] [Logic]: karayas beat me at dps cause i was watching big brother
157Keyhlee[Raid] [Baelze]: we did way better when crdz wasnt here [Raid] [Crdz]: yeah you must have, because now it looked like special olympics
156Keyhlee[Guild] [Logic]: FUCKING HOXES [Guild] [Logic]: 2 girls 1 i dont understand what she is saying the other say always no [Guild] [Logic]: fuck this game
154Kylista[Guild] [Fenrisulfur]: is it just me that sometimes pretends their horse is a dirtbike? [Guild] [Fenrisulfur]: and make motorbike noises when jumping
153Ignorantus[Choo]: we need to invest in a Shinky Signal just like we have for Batman :D
151Keyhlee[Guild] [Iamfiat]: You have learned a new ability: 4th gear
150Ignorantus[Guild] [Brutalrage]: 2 X pplz with pro skills and elite AA point "has to me maxed AA tree" for Instance runs X guild chat please first come first server
149Keyhlee[Logic]: ffs ioudas i cant understand your english fu [Guild] [Logic]: i try to read your fight between guest and you and i manage to fell asleap at my keybor [Guild] [Logic]: me tarzan you jane
148Keyhlee[Raid] [Rooqq]: Poms are like a bunch of hamstters. All crawling on top eachother incesting around the same names :D
147Ignorantus[Guild] [Rabiel]: i dont do instances , and if i did , i prob be the best in the world
146NocturnSteingrim: I'm semi drunk, wearing fancy clothes, and horny enough to ride something that is a bit overweight and looks like a horse!
144Morcs[Guild] [Tura]: 16:56] [Pet]: Your petition (swift dismount not working...) has been received. [16:56] [Pet]: Your petition is classified as Harassment. [Guild] [Tura]: ffs
143Brutalrage[Raid] [Saggart]: *tip for Unf guys, if you collect all t1 ans t2 each 1 of you you can make 1 sac, t1&t1 mats give 35%
142Pandashammy[Guild] [Sinson]: i bet you look like old grandma ioudas ^^ :D
140Hugrim[Eranou]: [Botta]: Congratulations!! You are the world's first to discover [Sage's Gloves of the Purple Sun]! [Tura]: botta thinks she is the world [Tura]: like the americans
139Keyhlee[Guild] [Logic]: and what the fuck is this shit?
138Keyhlee[Guild] [Larsp]: note to self. Do no apply self tanning creme when you are tired and in a badly lit room. I look like a fucking cheetah.
137Ptah[Zazina]: what me to log fizbin to show how its done ?
136Eranou[Crdz]: They couldnt kill a raidmob if it was a minion
135Andarta [Nuddo]: [Sav] Why is my demo char getting raped by low lev mobs [GM] Learn to play
134Firefish[Guild] [Eranou]: note to self dont call forum moderators power hungry nazis
133Ptah[01:39] [Guild] [Ioudas]: [Aspirin]: hey mate :)[01:39] [Guild] [Ioudas]: ok who should i blame for that?
132Shinken [Guild] [Tura]: crdz has his own gravity, the mobs will stick t him
131Tura[Global] [Widdershins]: I'm kinda new here, but when Meode appears why do ppl make the symbol for testicles? <3 :D
130Magurak[23:22] [Raid] [Thajo]: wich guild is leading? [23:22] [Raid] [Kataxenna]: ODR!!! [23:22] [Raid] [Infamy]: ordina della rosa [23:22] [Raid] [Thajo]: ohhh nvm then
129Nebersawtf is this shit? money? BSTARDS
128Keyhlee[Guild] [Logic]: pfff stop all this stupid hearts [Guild] [Logic]: is discusting [Guild] [Logic]: ffs
127Snusmar[Raid] [Mitromaniac]: [Pet]: Your petition is classified as Harassment. [Raid] [Mitromaniac]: what the fuck is harrasement?
126Keyhlee[Global] [Tomasforu]: can soem 1 tell me how to get in dungens in this game? [Global] [Seven]: click on the doors [Global] [Tomasforu]: okay ty
125Nigrim[Raid] [Rooqq]: Like... there are no spurs attackers? [Raid] [Ptah]: oh no you didnt * negro voice*
124Eranou[Raid] [Epistimonas]: is it coincidence that Shink just logged in?
123Kochtun[Logic]:i am coming mother fucker[Atheos]: please keep your wanking out of guildchat, Logic
122Kochtunplease keep your wanking out of guildchat, Logic
121Roodian[Guild] [Logic]: i am coming mother fucker
120Ptah!quotes add [Firefish]: when most people get stuck on a problem, they cry for help [Firefish]: i jsut get out the whisky and get drunk
117Firefish[Guild] [Kochtun]: gonna take the gayness to the next level
116Alternative[Guild] [Kochtun]: ill call shinken for massage then? [Guild] [Kochtun]: @ home delivery
115Keyhlee[Guild] [Eranou]: Does anybody else feel the intense awkwardness when a woman doesn't choose the iron in a game of Monopoly?
114Alternative[Guild] [Firefish]: i have no time to pleasure you in return for moon wenches stein...
113Alternative[Guild] [Kataxenna]: Noblewoman: Or I could hire an assassin from Tainted Souls. He can't shame me when he's dead! [Guild] [Kataxenna]: unless it's Logic
112Naeckros[Raid] [Slirre]: lol kuuk
111Sotgrim[Group] [Surgeon]: Good to hear friend. But our journey together have come to and end. We must leave you here and travel on our own as our task tells us. We have to wander far and long and a heavy armor will slow us down. We are sorry. Our journey is not for the faint. Alryk left the group.
109Simla[Guild] [Envision]: ashil u r my bitch too
108Sotgrim[Global] [Kataxenna]: i regarg notifying global of your ignore skills more annoying than caps
107Naeckros[Ignorantus]: It's supposed to be hard if you suck
106Snusmar[Raid] [Crdz]: I think he is running out of internet
103Keyhlee[Guild] [Skeffy]: Koldina, i'l give you the same advice i got when i started tanking, it was passed down from one Imba tank to the next and that advice is "HIT IT IN THE FACE!!!"
102Crahyon[Eracuk]: think i might have mistakenly eaten those mushrooms. i see a blue hippo
101Rooqq[Raid] [Zick]: brb my dog pissed on the furniture
100Keyhlee[Guild] [Shinken]: [01:02] [Megalodonis]: well maybe u could put in a good word for me or something :D ...why does he think my recommendation is actually a good thing ?lol
99Alternative[Guild] [Eranou]: must be worrying someone running a room whilst asleep screaming i have a swrod i have a sword
98Nectanebus[Guild] [Logic]: marina isnt a beatiful night? [Guild] [Logic]: to lvlup me
97Rooqq[Guild] [Zazina]: feeling gay
96Kylista[Firefish]: im free from uni stuffs for a few days now btw :D [Firefish]: so lots of slacking to be done :) [Rafen]: I have some homework from 1988 you can do if you want
95Nigrim[Guild] [Tura]: Free Spirits can bugger off too after one of them called Ptah a fucking prick [Guild] [Tura]: that's our job
94Rezulin[18:33] [Raid] [Nukiewukie]: brb gotta take a tinydump [18:34] [Raid] [Augir]: Please post a parser when yer done ^^
93Iyon[Logic]: I dont have a problem with girls - I hate them
92Ptah [Global] [Skjegget]: Chinese New Year RP Event at the Rum & Rumble in Tortage. Send tell to Logic for details.
91Kylista[Guild] [Teslla]: put item and tainted in inv, shit fight click item, then right click on gem u want to delete
90Saffir[Zazina]: "No offence to proper 22 year old emo kids, i like depeche mode as well. But then i was a 22 year old emo kid when tainted love came out (no nipple piercing though as its proper gay)."
89Saffir[Crdz]:" I'm afraid all our beerdrinking, pornwatching and trolling/flaming slots are taken at the moment so we have to decline your application."
88Ptah[Atheox]: i still use VHS btw.. none of that digital mumbo jumbo for me
87Tura[Spanktastic]: so what do tos do exactly? [Heljeere]: stand around looking gorgeous while they kill stuff with their passive abilities and spam heals.[Tura]: Crdz just stands there looking fat and spamming heals.
86Andarta [Tura]: two statues outside the front gate, scared the shit out of me when i opened the doors earlier
85Ptah[Guild] [Iyon]: Tainted Souls, know how to party! Tainted souls, know how to party. In the citaaaaaaay, city of O.T. We keep it rockin. We keep it rocking! Shake, shake it baby. Shake, shake it Myrina. Shake shake it Keyhlee
84Ptah[01:15] [Global] [Chaoskult]: sikk has no mom, he has two dads. [01:15] [Global] [Siekk]: one of them is u
83Hedda[Guest]: FUCKING RESPEC< CANT PLAY PROPERLY CUZ OF UR RETARDED PLAY WITH PETS [Bajaa]: To [Guest]: buy better gfx or write petition
82Skapdranker[Global] [Xeptah]: LFM Yakhmar Free Spirits Raid - Need 2 BS, 1 Sin, 1 Ranger, 1 Conq, 1 Guard
81Snusmar[Atheox]: hope i don't shink it up :P
80Firefish[Guild] [Twizted]: she not the girl for me :P she is the variety that you use for 1 nyt and send away :D
79Daudgrim[Naeckros]: Zevina, you're not wearing any pants :S [Zevina]: Oh trust me, I know that....
78Rezulin[Iyota]: I'm gonna start a restaurant called TABEPNA ALEXANDROS. Will you love me then Shink
77Nigrim[Guild] [Saffir]: gn old girl :o [Guild] [Myriqa]: :O [Guild] [Nigrim]: nn grandma [Guild] [Myriqa]: ffs [Guild] [Botta]: Myriqa logged off
76Firefish[Raid] [Rooxie]: GOGOGOOG DOOR ASH
75Snusmar[Raid] [Ashgrim]: well it's not nuclear science :P
74Ursae[Global] [Snusmar]: LFM Train of Pain to W1, need 1 DT, 2 Conq, 2 demo, 2 ranger, 2 sin, 2 barb, 2 pom, 2 tos and 1 bs. Vent is required, and so is a brain. No slacking ffs! Choo choo all aboard! hosted by Insomniac Souls
73Atheos[Guild] [Shinken]: did you know Jesus bers?
72Surgeon[Guild] [Aquilae]: shinken's like the ace in blackjack, you never know if he is actually going to be useful or if he'll turn around and f*** in the ass
71Crahyon[Raid] [Aadleen]: I wonder if you can be arrested for using this emote: \o
70Nigrim[Shinken] shouts: HIT HIM WITH THE MACE !
69Keyhlee[03:25] [Guild] [Snusmar]: you said "I think we should go to bed" [03:25] [Guild] [Snusmar]: when we sat on the khesh rock [03:25] [Guild] [Shinken]: and then i clarified that you should go to your bed and me to mine that are on different countries cause you got overexcited [03:25] [Guild] [Shinken]: and out of control
68Snusmar[Keyhlee]: we should make it a sport taking weird screenshots of shinken
67Nirvantiger tiger burning bride in the forest of the night what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearfull symmetry
66DanhoTo [Andarbear]: http://www.hillgirlz.com/blog_jewelle_gomez/images/Susan_Boyle.jpg [Andarbear]: Ixius GF
65Rooqie[Shinken] We should just put CRDZ in a catapult and oneshot the keep instead of this mammoooooooooths!
64Snusmar[Group] [Shinken]: Your Shockstrike (Rank 6) crits Defender of Acheron for 4418 electrical damage. <---he keeeeled me for this QQQQQQ
63Daudgrim[Guild] [Crdzjr]: Hmm... thats 252 hours worth of steak I carry around [Guild] [Crdzjr]: and I have about 100 in Crdz bag... thats 400 hours of steak [Guild] [Malila]: that should be enough.. even for a crdzjr:P
62Keyhlee[Steingrim]: was going to buy six armor kits, but misclicked and bought 6 crates
61Andarta [Myrina]: [Helm of Baleful Blood]:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
60Nigrim[Eranou] shouts: i am listening to gangsta rap i am invinceable !!!!
59Nigrim[Shinken]: hehe ,not bed for me but need a break from pressing 6 to get keeeellzzz
58Ashilhttp://www.playboymanager.com/ NEW MMO!!!
57Ashil[Tsmonster]: but dont tell ash when hes on he carnt know !!!!
56AshilDurex or Ecstacy,depends on her mood !!!
55Ashildont rub between your legs while raiding,it costs so many mana and stamina !!!
54Firstone[Zazina]: i have heard a rumour that when farty sees fizbin now he just rolls over gives him his chest and lets fiz tickle his belly with his mighty pole. Only a rumour mind
52AshilWE ROCK !!!
51AshilSome lived init and never felt it but he knew it all was nada y pues nada y naday pues nada. Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada.
49Nigrim[Guild] [Crdz]: I would drive a train around in the room while eating sausages and farting lightning
48Nigrim[Guild] [Nigrim]: If Crdz dances on the trader roof, the building will collapse
47Fristi[18:57] [Global] [Shayto]: FUCK YOU PASA FOR UR FLAMING
46Crahyon[Global] [Crdz]: If you have a mother of pearl and a father of pearl, you can get alot of small kiddys of pearl
45Fristi[20:32] [Raid] [Fristi]: crdz, guard duty, sit on him, he wont be able to move ;P [Raid] [Nocrdz]: Sit on my face and tell me that you love me [Raid] [Fristi]: wife away again?
44Kylista[Global] [Nigrim]: Crdz, just because you're big as a school building and full of children, it doesn't make you a school
43Firstin[Global] [Rookni]: will trade for 1x [Shinken]
42Reroll[Guild] [Eranou]: its not a porn video u gays need to get out more i tell ya, [Guild] [Eranou]: guys even :)
41Ptah[22:16] [Raid] [Morx]: worked when shinken left
40Kayci[Global] [Roock]: And TS tactic is always to use stuff Crdz into a tunnel so noone can pass him, then they blame Shinken
39Keyhlee[Andartos]: theres no epic loot in RL ;( [Andartos]: and u carnt raid without going to jail
38Tura[Atheo]: so only a few of the gems are usable for casters.. suck my fudge
37Arrowmakertext [Guild] [Pasa]: [Syrinda]: please 1 Gold [Guild] [Pasa]: [Pasa]: u think i look like your bank account or smth [Guild] [Pasa]: [Syrinda]: yes of course [Guild] [Pasa]: [Pasa]: then turn around and bend over cuz your bank is just getting to bang you
36Electrician[Eranou]: 0ooo oooo you will have to meet albert the RP snake
35Keyhlee[Guild] [Tura]: but if we don't start roleplaying more soon i'm off!
34Cadalan[20:09] [Guild] [Rafen]: crdz cheated and got vet points to enlarge his arse
33Electrician[Hamza]: if my GF would come home, my wife would kill her
32Primeguard [Electrician]: gay up people
31Primeguard[Global] [Knobcheese]: Buff you slacker <--- Invite :p
30NaeckrosCrdz: Aw fuck, I can't get through this door!
29Firstone [Superlative]: I always raid naked
28Nectanebus[Raid] [Leoneidas]: anyone else raiding naked today?
27Nectanebus [Guild] [Eracuk]: shite. i forgot the bear in the freezer [Guild] [Eracuk]: beer
26Electrician[Eranou]: i keep all my friends in the cellar, i am half austrian
25Kylista[Guild] [Thalitha]: GOD I HATE FARMING EQUIPMENT =( [Guild] [Nectanebus]: tractors?
24Xeptah"[Andartara]: ty lemon buns;) "
23Ptah"[Group] [Eranou]: could someone else carry the flag of certain death please :) "
22AndartarFastest Klyikki kill.... [Rafen]: i sent my kitten in while i stood outside, she came out with the loot in 4.3sec
21Keyhlee[Axaria]: halloy Crdz [Axaria]: paa ferie fra Fat Camp?
20Nectanebus[20:02] [Raid] [Rabiel]: crdz heals u usles rat !! [20:02] [Raid] [Rabiel]: hmm nm [20:02] [Raid] [Rabiel]: hes aint in the raid =p
19Keyhlee[Guild] [Crdz]: Facebook is the work of the devil, thats most likely why I can be found in there
18Ptah[03:33] [Guild] [Atheoi]: gonna play a little with my demo before bed.. [03:33] [Guild] [Dolphnar]: so hats what u call it
17Dolphnar[Eracuk]: that must be the dumbest way of spending your money in this game. on a whore
16Naeckros[Kenzyah]: if they introduce a class in the expansion, running around in cloth and a huuuuge 2h sword and a demon form - then i'll def will try that one
15Splashback [Tearc]: *I'm da steel arse!! *spanks himself in extacy
14Dolphnar[Guild] [Shinken]: Sriin care with the demo comments or i ll shink you :) [Guild] [Sriin]: oh my god i will stop now dont shink me pls :D
13Andarta[Aadlaana]: we actually had a former employee of a company that broke into his old job and kills his former boss with a xbow here in sweden some 10 years ago [Mazikheen]: ranger?
12Tura[Futumch]: Using the stupid amount of heat being pumped out by my graphics cards to help defrost some mince :D
11Naeckros"[Sequana]: I have the best mother-in-law: she just said that Slaugtherhouse is good xp :D"
10Aquilae[Group] [Tura]: there are women in my town that dress like that on nights out in town [Group] [Tura]: trouble is they look like saddur
9Andartas IRC Ixius: Pfft, I've been sitting in the wrong irc channel all day :/ wondered why buffarse just joined ;D
8Cadalan[Global] [Poontang]: lol demos r great i just one shotted some stupid picts house
7Splashback IRC WorkPtah: woops..later guys :) Boss looks cranky, need to pretend im doing something :o
6GanamaeBuffarse: Have you guys ever thought of a merge with Sanctuary?
5Dolphnar[Nectanebus]: i'm walking slowly through Kheshatta wearina neon outfit and a bright blue demon and still ppl bump into me
4Ganamae[Ganamae]: seems like I am the new officer secretary o.0 posting a transscript later. [Ixius]: Oh ok. Get me a coffe and hold my calls
2Syfilistext [Guild] [Dolphnar]: add some quotes pls, i feel stupid
1Ganamae[Dolphnar] Warning ! Do mot tell me what to do.

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